Happy 2nd Birthday

Apologies for not blogging and not keeping you all up to date with the past year!

Well one week ago today Lensation turned 2 years old! It creeped up on me and now I am in my 3rd year of business, well I never thought I would be saying that so soon. My second year of business brought more new clients and continued the wonderful photo shoots for my existing clients, it also was the year for me to get back into networking. I have continued to grow my photography skills and other aspects of business, so I am able to offer more services for my clients.

As I reflect on my 2nd year of business I would like to share with you some of the key areas which have helped me get through and some of my memorable photo shoots.

Juggling your priorities

I have found my 2nd year has brought me more clients, but it has also brought me other avenues of my business, this means I have had to priorities certain aspects of my business above others. Multi-tasking has become part of our work culture and when it is done well, you can move towards business goals faster. But if done poorly, you can stretch yourself so thin you underperform and under-deliver. There are some important skills/habits to becoming an effective juggler, they include: Having a positive attitude, creating a plan, don’t be a yes person (more about this later), knowing your perfect juggling amount and complete something every day.

Don’t be a yes person

Throughout the last year I have found you don’t need to say yes to every job which comes your way, there are certain jobs you can say no to. There are also certain events which you can say no to. Don’t feel bad for saying no! It is difficult to turn down work when you’re not sure when the next job may come along but knowing when to say ‘no’ is important. So, if you are asked to complete a job which has a tight deadline, or you don’t fully understand, and you will need to do some research, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to do the job to the best of your ability. That may mean neither you nor your client will be happy with the result, and they probably won’t return to you or recommend you to their network. In this situation, it’s better to say no.

Be consistent

While being consistent may sound simple, it isn’t always, you can let certain things slip as you take on more work and have more hats to wear. Over my past year I have reached some of my goals and let a few goals slip away, for example I aimed to post at least one blog a month and I let this slip as I wasn’t consistent, but I had other goals which I achieved because I was consistent. You can set yourself goals at any time, no matter how small or how big continuing to take steps and striving towards them will bring you satisfaction.

There is support out there

Sometimes you may find working for yourself and by yourself isolating and lonely, especially when something goes wrong, and you are left to deal with everything alone. But there are lots of people in the same situation as you and there are many places you can go to get some help. Networking is a good place to start to look for help, I have found networking a brilliant tool to help with the isolation of running your own business. When you first start out with networking you may want to try a few so you are able to find the right one for you. Over the last two years I have attended many different networks all over the North Wales coast and I have now found the ones which I love. Forming a group of likeminded business people can help with different situations of business. I have my own wonderful group who I can turn to when I need to ask a question about an aspect of business or when I need to grab a break from working alone. You don’t necessarily need a physical group who you can turn to, you could also become a member of a business Facebook group. It is worth taking the time to build up your network and find your own wonder group.

Memorable photo shoots

It is always good to reflect on the work you have carried out over the past year. This helps to show you what you have achieved, and it will help you grow and set new goals. Whether it helps you grow a certain service or helps you push towards working with a specific client. Here are some of my most memorable ones throughout my second year:

Will and Nerys’ Wedding – this was my first ever wedding and what an amazing day it was. Not only were they a beautiful couple but their day was beautiful as well. They weren’t looking for a lot of staged photographs, but they wanted candid photographs to capture the atmosphere of their day.

FSB Women In Business North Wales – the FSB Women In Business North Wales photo shoots are memorable to me because they always bring many different business people together, not matter what your genre is. There is always different speakers and wonderful activities to enjoy as a group.

Peter and Sally’s Wedding – my second wedding and it was just as memorable as the first. Yet again it was another beautiful couple and their day was brilliant as well. They asked me to capture their day and the wonderful atmosphere in their photographs.

Memorable clients

Goddard Taxi’s – This was a wonderful shoot and are memorable clients because they are a true family business and their passion shone through the photographs.

Hall and Jones Properties Ltd – they continue to work with Lensation from the day it was started, and we continue to work together on their new projects.

Peak Marquee Hire – I was contacted by this wonderful business to photograph one of their brilliant marquees which was in the beautiful Bodrhyddan Hall for an amazing wedding. This will always be memorable to me because it was a brilliant business to business photo shoot.

Thank Yous

Jordan – thank you for always being supportive of Lensation and always being there for me, no matter what!

Mum and Dad – thank you for supporting the business and getting the name out there to friends and colleagues.

Brother – thank you for sharing the business to your friends and helping me by being a light stand when I need one.

My wonderful business group – thank you to all of you (you know who you are) for the continued support and promotion of my business.

Moving forward

Before I finish my 2nd birthday blog I would just like to say that starting my business was still the best decision I ever made. Yes, it was scary striking out on my own and yes, there were some frustrating downsides to working for myself. But it’s so worth it. It was the best decision I ever made; ask any freelancer and the chances are they’ll say the same.

So what does the 3rd year have in store for Lensation?

Continuing to work with my existing clients and looking forward to working with new ones, and strive towards the goals I have set, including one which is to get back into blogging.

Happy 2nd Birthday Lensation!

Onwards and upwards!


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