Mingle’s Christmas Lunch

Earlier this month it was time to all get together for the Mingle Christmas Lunch! This year it was held at the lovely Springfield Hotel in Halkyn, North Wales.

After the long windy drive along the A55 I finally got to the hotel, I grabbed a hot chocolate and then had a catch up my fellow business men and women who I have met through Mingle.

Once we all got a drink and had a good natter with each other it was time to sit down for our 2-course meal. The choices were, for the main:

  • Traditional Roast Turkey with Herb Stuffing, Chipolata wrapped in Bacon, Seasonal Vegetables and Roast Potatoes
  • Braised Steak with Seasonal Vegetables and Crushed New Potatoes
  • Chestnut, Cranberry and Leek Tart topped with Brie

And the choices for dessert:

  • Homemade Christmas Pudding with Brandy Sauce
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream

I went with the Traditional Roast Turkey and the Sticky Toffee Pudding, I was looking forward to this meal!

Now that we were all sat down at the table ready to tuck in, it was the perfect time to quickly go around the table to introduce ourselves and what we do. By this time, I think it was quite obvious as to what I do because I had been floating round the room with my camera, but I went ahead and told everyone about my blossoming business Lensation.

Dave Verburg, from Asentiv, gave me a new line to introduce my business, instead of being Danielle Anderton from Lensation and then go on to tell people about the different genres I work within, I am now Danielle Anderton from Lensation and “I make grown men breath in!” This will get people thinking more about the line of work that I am in and be intrigued to get to know what I do.

In the middle of the dinner table there were some Christmas crackers, while we all enjoying the wonderful food we were pulling crackers and telling jokes. I spied some rocket balloons, it was time to blow them up and set the ffrrrreeeeeee! The first one was successful, the second one, not so much.

Empty bowls signalled the end of the dinner, there was just enough time for a comfort break and to have a quick chat with people from the other end of the table before we sat down again with refreshments and warm mince pies to list to Dave’s story. All about ‘a story of a lad like me’. Within Dave’s story it showed us an insight into his childhood and how he has made his path to where he is today, squashing the label ‘a lad like me’ along the way. I was inspired by his story and he showed me that perseverance will always pay off. There was only one part which I did not understand, he was talking about shillings, pence or some sort of old currency which I did not have a clue about, I think I was a bit young for that part.

After listening to Dave’s inspirational story it was time to say goodbye to all my fellow ‘Mingler’s’ and head home……..Until next year!


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