Ready, Steady, Prosecco!

Ready, Steady, Prosecco!

Some of you may have heard about the Fizzy Friday 5K, or even took part. If you did take part or you only looked over the photos on social media after the event, take a read of this blog and look forward to the next Fizzy Friday 5K!

The Llandudno Bay Hotel getting the prosecco ready for all the women.

The date was Friday the 8th of September and everything was in place for the start of the first ever Fizzy Friday 5K. This was a prosecco fuelled 5 Kilometre run in the picturesque town of Llandudno.

Glasses at the ready.

One hundred women started off the event by registering at the Llandudno Bay Hotel. Some of the women taking part came from as far away as Carlisle and Norfolk. All of the money raised from this event will go towards paying winter pitch fees for the Llysfaen Lionesses Football Team as well as kit and equipment for other women’s and girls’ teams and individuals from across the area. There was to be 4 prosecco stops along the way. When the time came for the race to start the women had their 1st glass of prosecco in the Llandudno Bay Hotel, then we made our way over to the promenade to gather on the start line.

A large group of women getting ready for the run, putting their numbers on.

Some of the runners registering in the Llandudno Bay Hotel.

Three of the runners posing with their prosecco before they head for the start line.

Ladies taking a photo with Bella's frame.

The first lot of women grabbing their drink of prosecco before the start of the run.

All the women taking part got together for a group photo on the starting line.

Ready, Steady, Prosecco……….and they’re off!

Ready, steady, prosecco! They are off the line!

The first part of the race was to run up to the paddling pool and then the women would make their way back down past the start/finish line to the Imperial Hotel, this was the next stop for the 2nd glass of prosecco. Some of the ladies decided to down their drinks and others had a good chat and a laugh with theirs. It was then time to get running again.

The three front runners one the way back from the first 'check point'.

A large group of the runners making their way to the next prosecco stop.

Glittered up women making their way to the next prosecco stop.

Two of the runners taking time to give the camera a wave as they pass by.

The second prosecco stop out of 4 for the whole run.

Then onto The Kings Head for the 3rd glass, this was a run up past the pier and across to the start of the tram way up to the Great Orme. Once this stop had been completed they made their way back down and onto the 4th and final stop of the 5K at the St. Georges Hotel.

Two of the runners half way through.

Two runners heading back down for their 4th and final prosecco stop.

3/4 way through the run and they are all still smiling!

The last glass of prosecco down and it was time to head for the finish line, by this time the sun had started to set and we were ready to crown our winner. Across the line came Helen McArthur to win the race, second came Hayley Price Jones and in third place Sarah Tuck.

Two ladies coming in 1st and 2nd place.

Helen McArthur to win the race, second came Hayley Price Jones

3rd placing coming to the finish line.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place with the two organisers and Bella.

Now was the time to watch and support everyone else cross the finish line, all fuelled by prosecco!

Some of the Llanddulas Lions coming over the finish line.

A group of ladies close to the finish line and one of the women has made a sprint for the finish.

Some more runners crossing the finishing line.

The group of women running in dress coming to the finish line.

Two lovely ladies fueled with prosecco coming to the finish line.

As the sun was nearly completely set the last two wonderful ladies crossed the finish line. It was then time for everyone to party the night away at the Speakeasy Bar at The Imperial Hotel.

The beautiful view of the Great Orme from the finish line.

The beautiful view of the Great Orme from the finish line. Two women having run the whole race coming to the end.

The last two ladies coming across the finish line to end the 1st Fizzy Friday 5k.

To take a look at more of the photos from the event, click here.


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