Simply the BEST!

Mingle for business conference 2017, simple the BEST was the theme for the day.

The annual Mingle for Business Conference was held at the Springfield Hotel in Holywell, North Wales. This year’s theme for the event was ‘Simply the Best’, I would never had thought I would be able to be part of an event so big and be in a room with so many successful business men and women all networking together.

Starting the conference off with an introduction to the speakers.

The whole day was learning from the Best, stepping out of comfort zones and aspiring to be the Best. There is no way we can know everything about all aspects of business, networking etc, so the whole day would throw up different ideas which haven’t been thought about before.

Graham photo bombing Amanda's presentation.

Business men and women networking together.

The audience networking together.

Once the presentations got underway it was time for me to wander with my camera and capture the speakers doing what they do best, inspiring us all! The presentations started off with Graham from Perception Insights then he handed the reins over to Dave Verburg from Asentiv who spoke all about why the unique selling point of your business may not be what you first thought. Dave believes passionately that having a successful business and successful lifestyle go hand in hand. Then was the time for networking and more photo opportunities.

First speaker of the day, Dave, engaging with the audience.

Dave from Astenvi presenting to the whole room.

The first speaker demonstrating back networking.

There was then another presentation just before lunch from Jay Allen at My-TrueNORTH. Inspiring was an understatement and the amount he has faced in his life may be more than most. Jay spoke about his journey from being a Combat Medical Technician to now having four successful businesses of his own. Jay believes it is not about how smart you are, or how much you know, it’s about taking action and using what you know to change how you live.

Second speaker of the day telling him ex-forces story.

Second speaker, Jay Allen, telling us how he built his life again after PTSD.

Jay Allen from My TrueNORTH telling everyone about his new business.

Then after lunch it was time to listen to Amanda Daniels from Koogar talk all about her 11 ways to kick start your marketing anytime of the year. For those who are stuck, who are unsure what to do or where to start, and for those who want to get better at marketing. Her steps will help you be the Best at marketing and will show you how to get better at marketing yourself and your business.

The third and final speaker, Amanda Daniels, talking about her business (Koogar).

Amanda Daniels telling us her 11 steps to marketing.

The amazing Amanda Daniels from Koogar.

All in attendance were inspired by what they heard and saw, whether it was from the brilliant speakers or from mingling between each other. There was a large mixture of different size businesses, from the small ‘’one man band’’ businesses to the larger organisations who sent their marketing team to attend the event.

Two businesses, Tropic and Snowdonia Challenge.

Photograph of the Business Line stand.

Celtic Law stall at the Mingle for Business Conference 2017.

Glasdir Skills stall at Mingle for Business Conference 2017.

The day was much more than sitting, listening and learning from the speakers and exhibiting your business, one of the biggest benefits was being in a room filled with likeminded entrepreneurs. You were able to share your experiences, gain information about where to take your business from an outsiders point of view and you were also able to talk about the struggles you have faced. This all made for amazing networking.

Businesses networking together,

Graham photo bombing Dave. Graham photo bombing Dave.

Different businesses networking.

Glasdir Skills networking with attendees.

Networking with a lot of laughs.

There is so much I gained from the day, and I will use it all to go forward growing my business. One day I might be the one stood up in front of the whole crowd and tell people my story and inspire people the way I was inspired by the speakers at the conference.

A big thank you to Graham, Sandra, Dave, Amanda and Jay.

Sandra having a photograph with all the speakers.

More photographs can be viewed here.


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