Happy 1st Birthday

Lensation's first birthday

Lensation celebrates its first year in business today!

It is crazy to think that only one year ago I embarked upon this journey. After graduating with a first-class degree in July 2016, I started a new exciting but daunting adventure, with the help of those close to me. During these 12 months, I have learned a lot and discovered business can be very different when you are leading from the front and wearing many different hats. Being the first in my family to go self-employed was also a big risk because there was no one to turn to and ask for help about any aspect of business and the daunting tasks I have had to complete in my first year!

Now with a range of different clients the business is going from strength to strength. I would like to share with you some of my most memorable shoots and clients from the past year of business, also some key areas which I have learned from my experiences to date. I understand there is still a lot for me to learn and I will continue to do so as Lensation grows year on year.

Plan your day, your time is precious

I regularly write lists for tasks which need completing throughout the week, then I break them down into to-do lists for each day, this helps me monitor my time effectively. It is important to be responsive and available to clients, but sitting watching your inbox is easy but unproductive. Think of the 5 P’s – Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance, some of you may know this by the 6 P’s, if not I will let you guess what the 6th P is!

People buy people

This saying is still true today! Certainly, in a business to business context, most of Lensation’s business has come via recommendations and referrals. I attend many networking events and have expanded my business connections as a direct result. People look for reassurance that you can do a good job and can deliver on your promises. To date Lensation receives positive feedback and testimonials from all projects, so much new business comes as a result of delighted customers.

Take time to sit back and look at your business

When you are involved in the day to day running of a business it is hard to assess your business and drive it forward effectively. You need to step back, take a break and then assess what needs to be done to help the business reach the next level! Otherwise you just don’t see the wood through the trees

Appreciate your clients

Clients must be appreciated, without them your business does not exist! Take time regularly to thank them for their support, once they have looked elsewhere it is too late! Where you can, go the extra mile and be pleased with what you have produced because it is always to the best of your ability. If you have agreed a deadline, make sure this is achievable.


Memorable photo shoots

 I have enjoyed each and every one of my photo shoots but here are some of my most memorable ones throughout my first year:

Nikki Ips – this was my first ever food photography shoot and what a joy it was. Not only did I get to photograph some wonderful looking food and please the clients but I also got to taste every dish they cooked. Now I know my exact order when I visit!

Nikki Ips, Deganwy

Osian and Nia – this photo shoot is extremely memorable for me because it was my first time photographing a new-born. I had so much fun on this photo shoot and I will continue to photograph new-borns and families.

Big brother giving his baby sister a kiss on the head.

Wales Rally GB – for me each and every time I have attended the rally it has been memorable and every year I continue to get better and better. This year I may even apply for a press pass.

Mingle for Business Conference – the conference was held in the Springfield Hotel and for me this event opened many different connections.

Graham photo bombing Dave.


Memorable clients

Mingle for Business – they continue to work with Lensation for their events and are always happy with the photographs.

Close up of Mingle for Business's personalised bowls.

Amy Jones-Dawson and Pauline Jones – they both had full confidence in me even though it was my first new-born photo shoot.

Close up on the ace of the 2 week old baby girl.

Huw Jones, Owner of ShipShape Landscape – this was my first business to business photo shoot and is where I knew business to business photo shoots were my favourite.

Amazengrave – they continue to return to Lensation when they have new products and need photographs to go on their social media and website.

Close up of a wine glass hand engraved with Elvis doing his trade mark pose with a mic stand


Thank Yous

Jordan – thank you for always being supportive of Lensation and always being there for me, no matter what!

Mum and Dad – thank you for supporting the business and getting the name out there to friends and colleagues.

Brother – thank you for sharing the business to your friends and helping me by being a light stand when I need one.

Sandra – thank you for the continued support and promotion of my business.

Carly – thank you for helping me with my website and always there to help me when I have messed it all up.

Katherine – thank you for helping me with the accounts side of my business, one of the most daunting hats I have to wear!


Moving forward

Before I finish my birthday blog I would just like to say that after just one year in business I am certainly not a business guru and I have a very long way to go on an exciting journey. I can say confidently that I now know more than I did 12 months ago about business and myself.

So what does the next year have in store for Lensation?

Continuing to work with my existing clients and looking forward to working with new ones, and of course, photographing the wonderful places I visit.

Also, keep reading my blogs to find out what Lensation has been up to!

Happy 1st Birthday Lensation!

Onwards and upwards!


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